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Nickname:  scannerman
Interpretation:  There is apparent severe aortic stenosis with pericardial and pleural effusions and LVH. There is also regurgitation in all valves.

Nickname:  Sophie
Interpretation:  AS/LVH/Pericardial effusion/Pleural effusion. Very nice!

Nickname:  ameeth
Interpretation:  Pericardial effusion , Increased LA and RA size, Moderate aortic stenosis , Mild MR and TR, Moderate RSVP Also pleural effusion noted Ameeth Vedre

Nickname:  emily
Interpretation:  pericardial, pleural effusion, lae, severe as, lvh, tr, mod/severe phtn, rae,pi, mr, ai, IAS aneurysm, Ca++ of the mitral annulus,

Nickname:  ANNE
Interpretation:  LArge pleural eff./mild pericardial eff./biatrial dilatation/moderate AS/Mild MR,TR/LVH/Good overall LV sys. fxn/No RWMA

Nickname:  shobug
Interpretation:  severe AS, LVH, TR PHTN, AI MR pericardial and pleural effusions, MAC, biatrial enlargement

Nickname:  Dhruman
Interpretation:  Severe aortic stenosis;Pk/mn Gdt of 70/40 mm Hg; Mild Aortic Regurgitation - Gr 1/4; Concentric hypertrophy of LV with good LV systolic function; LVEF ~ 55-60% Moderate pulmonary hypertension; PASP = 65mmHg; Mild TR- Gr < 1/3; Mild MR - Gr 1/3. Mild pericardial effusion & no evidence of tamponade.

Nickname:  vicky
Interpretation:  severe A.S with large PE AND mild pericardial effusion with biatrial enlargement

Nickname:  Natalie
Interpretation:  Mild Pulmonary insufficinecy,Moderate MR, Mild AI Mild stenosis of the AV, Moderate to Severe TR with RVSP of 65 and normal EF

Nickname:  Natalie
Interpretation:  also small pericardial effusion with no evidence of tamponade

Nickname:  cookie
Interpretation:  Aortic stenosis, AI, TR, MR, PI, trace pericardial effusion,large pleural effusion, biatrial enlargement, pulmonary HTN, CLVH, no wall motion abnormalities noted, aneurysmal IAS, no hemodynamically significant cardiac tamponade.

Nickname:  John
Interpretation:  small pericardial effusion, pleural effusion lae, lvh, rae mac w mild mr, severe as w mild ai, moderate tr w phtn, overestimation of pv cw velocity w mild pi diastolic dysfunction, ef 65+ it'd be nice if you reduced your depth for your parasternal images

Nickname:  mowlavi

Nickname:  alex
Interpretation:  severe concentric lvh,bi-atrial enlargement, mild MR, mod. TR, mild PI,Critical As, Mild AI, mild pericardial/Pulmonary effusion,good EF with stageI diastolic dysfunction .

Nickname:  Natalie
Interpretation:  1 cm pericardial effusion ,mild aortic stensis, mild aortic insufficiency, enlarged left atrium with mild mitral regurgitation, moderate to severe tricuspid regurgitation with a pulmonary pressure of 65 and concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.

Nickname:  maganti
Interpretation:  severe calcific AS ,trivial ar,mild mr&tr,severe PAH Biatrial enlargment+mildpericardial andPleural effusion,slightly increased pv gradient,severe con lvh AF,Good lvsystolic function.

Nickname:  Magee
Interpretation:  Conc lvh, mild mr, severe tr with phtn, severe as, mild ai. Small pericardial an at least moderate pleural effusion. Mild inc in Pv velocity. Biatrial enlargement.

Nickname:  ANNE
Interpretation:  LVH with good LV sys fxn. Severe AS with trivial AR. Appears biatrial dilatation with mild MR & TR. Mild PR and severe Pulmonary HTN. At least moderate pericardial effusion with large Pleural Effusion.

Nickname:  Col
Interpretation:  pericardial effusion

Nickname:  BUTKIS
Interpretation:  Severe AS w/AI. LVH. Pericardial effusion and pleural effusion. LAE, MR, TR,&PI

Nickname:  Abdus Samad
Interpretation:  Segmental wall motion abnormalities with moderate LV systolic dyfunction MR mild to moderate TR Trivial

Nickname:  Jeff
Interpretation:  Severe Aortic Stenosis with Hypertrophic LV, Pericardial Effusion, and Pulmonary Hypertension. Other: Pleural Effusion, TR, MR, AI, PI.

Nickname:  josevaldes
Interpretation:  hypertrofic cardiomiopathy aortic stenosis severe with calcification of valves AORTIC REGURGITATION pulmonary insuficiency mitral regurgitation RESTRICTIVE FILLING TRICUSPID REGURGITATION MODERATE PERICARDIAL EFUSION

Nickname:  Iloveecho
Interpretation:  Amyloid heart disease: pericardial effusion; biatrial enlargement; thickening of all valves; restrictive diastolic function; with also an aortic stenosis process going on. Gradient indicates mod-severe AS.

Nickname:  Wendy
Interpretation:  Significant pericardial effusion. Evidence of a pleural effusion. Significant mitral, tricupsid, and pulmonic regurgitation. Aortic insufficiency. Dilated Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Calcified mitral valve. Ejection fraction of 65%. Dilated right and left atrial size. Septal aneurysm.

Nickname:  Traveler
Interpretation:  Normal LV size with preserved systolic function. Mild MR, PI. Trace AI. Mild TR with moderate Pulm HTN. Severe AS, cannot R/O Bicuspid AV. Increased LV filling pressures. Mild pericardial effusion and probable bilateral pleural effusion. MAC with MV leaflet thickening. Cannot R/O pacer wire. BAE

Nickname:  huygdyk
Interpretation:  Severe aortic stenosis with pericardial and pleural effusions and LVH. There is also moderate regurgitation in all valves.

Nickname:  LUVIE021503

Nickname:  motek
Interpretation:  Normal LV wall motion RVH Enlarged left atrium Mild MR

Nickname:  Reese
Interpretation:  Per & pleu eff, av sten, myxotamous mitral leaflets BAE, mod tr,perival LVH mild mr, mild ai,

Nickname:  Debbie
Interpretation:  Aortic Stenosis/Severe Mod TR with mod elev right sys. pressure Posterior mitral leaflet and baseheavily calcified Preserved LV sys.Fx/Restrictive dias fx/inferior wall severe hypo-akinetic Small pericardial effusion Biatrial enlargement/severe

Nickname:  Venkat
Interpretation:  NO LV RWMA Good LV systolic function Good RV Function(Tapse:2.0cm) Trivial MR/TR,NO PAH, NO LA/LV Clot,NO PE NO IVC Plethora

Nickname:  san
Interpretation:  pulm htn, small pericardial effusion aortic stenosis with dialted left atrium dilated right atrium mr/tr/ai/pr good ef pleural effusion

Nickname:  rada
Interpretation:  mildLVH,dilatedLeft atrium.Normal LV systoliv function,normal wall motion.Severly calcified AV,severe AV stenosis.Mild Mitral regurgitation.Elevated pulmonary pressure.mild pericardial effusio.LV diastolic disfunction ( restrictve pattern)

Nickname:  gee
Interpretation:  lvh biatrial enlargement

Nickname:  Gigi
Interpretation:  Mod LVH, Mod Left pleural Effusion, small pericardial effusion, mod MAC, Mod bi-atrial enlargement, Mild PI, Moderate PHTN, Mild pulmonic stenosis, Severe Aortic stenosis, Elevated filling pressure, preserved EF, Mild to mod TR, mild MR, and mild AI.

Nickname:  ampy
Interpretation:  Concentric LVH.Normal LV size w/adequate Lv systolic function. Dilated LA with mild MR. Severe AS with mild AI. Normal RV size and function. Dilated RA with moderate TR.Severe pulHTN. Mild pericardial effusion. Incidental finding of pleural effusion.

Nickname:  Jmann

Nickname:  Jmann
Interpretation:  add bi-atrial enlargment

Nickname:  Agi
Interpretation:  Pericardial and pleural effusion, large left atrium, mitral and tricuspid regurgitation, calcification of aortic valve, stenosis and insuuff. of aortic valve,secondary pulmonary hypertension

Nickname:  dark scanner
Interpretation:  calcified AOV, Dilated LA, anterior and posterior pericardial effusion, sev TR, mild PI, hypoplastic PMVL annulus, mild to mod AI, mod aortic stenosis, LVH, pleural effusion also noted.

Nickname:  zak
Interpretation:  pericardiac effusion without signs of tamponade bi-atrial enlargement mac sclerotit and stenotic AVCs moderate mr mild AI moderate tr. high calculated rvsp. normal lv systolic function EF = 60-65%

Nickname:  MEAAWELCH
Interpretation:  small pericardial effusion, lg lt pleural effusion dilated LA CONCENTRIC LVH, MOD TO SEVERE TR, DILATED RV,RA, MILD PI, HEAVILY CA MV ANNULUS, MILD MR, MILD AI, DIASTOLIC DYSFUNCTION, SEVERE AS,

Nickname:  karen
Interpretation:  pericardial effusion and pleural effusion. LVH, MAC, mild MS, mild MR, LAE, RAE, RVE, AoV thicknening producing severe AS, mild AI, mild TR, mod PHTN,LV function appears normal to hyperkinetic

Nickname:  Jeff
Interpretation:  Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, Pericardial effusion, pleural effusion, AoV Sclerosis with sever aortic stenosis, Restrictive Filling (Diastolic Dysfunction), Mod TR, Mild AI, Mild PI, LAE,Pulmonary HTN, RAE, MAC, MR.

Nickname:  Lizzie
Interpretation:  PCE Pleural effusion Trace MR Dilated LA Dilated RA Severe AS Mild-Mod PI Severe TR Severe CLVH Mild AI

Nickname:  Echodiva
Interpretation:  Mod TR, Biatrial enlargement, Severe Aortic Stenosis valve size <.70, Moderate Pericardial Effusion, Large Pleural Effusion, Mild-Mod Mitral Regurgitation, MAC, Elevated Pulmonary Pressure, suggestive of Pulmonary Hypertension, LVH, Aortic Insuffiency

Nickname:  k.echo
Interpretation:  pericardial effusion, pleural effusion, mild mr,mild-mod tr, pi, av valve sclerosis,pulmonary htn,biatrial enlargement,mild-mod ai,severe aortic stenosis,lvh,dilated aortic root,good lv systolic function

Nickname:  DAD
Interpretation:  2+ posteriorly directed AI

Nickname:  brooke
Interpretation:  EF 65-70%,mod concentric LVH, biatrial enlargement, Severe AS with tr-mild AR, MAC with mild MR,mild-mod TR with elevated PA pressure of 65 mmHg,trace PR,small pericardial Eff, moderate Pleural eff

Nickname:  alpha_echo
Interpretation:  calcification within aortic valve with mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation as well as enlarged left atrium and right atrium. LVH and pericardial and pleural effusion present.

Nickname:  jillybean
Interpretation:  Severe valvular aortic stenosis with mild Ai, mild MR, Moderate TR, RVSP 65 mmhg c/w moderate PHTN, small to moderate pericardial effusion, Biatrial enlargement, 60%, mild PI, Mitral annular calcifiction, Plueral effusion also noted.

Nickname:  michelle
Interpretation:  Severe AS,LVH, LAE, Moderate MR & TR

Nickname:  SMS

Nickname:  pooh
Interpretation:  just had and echo 2-d and now recommend transesoph echocardiogram to assesess and the aortic valve into greater detail

Nickname:  buff

Nickname:  arif
Interpretation:  moderate aortic stenosis mild aortic regurgitation moderate tricuspid regurgitation moderate concentric lvh moderate pericardial effusion good lv

Nickname:  matt37
Interpretation:   Borderline hyperdynamic LV fx. and LVH EST 65-70% with Circumferential PE/PLEff. Biatrial enlargement appears to have mild MR, moderate TR, trace to mild AI with thickened AV with severe AS. PAP appears moderate. Overall, ugly!!

Nickname:  lafran
Interpretation:  Severe As, AI LVH pericardial/ plueral effusion dilated La TR,MR dilated RA

Nickname:  monali
Interpretation:  AS,pleural and pericardial effusion, MR,TR,LVH, dilated LA

Nickname:  Nino cheishvili
Interpretation:  biatrial enlargement,severe aortic stenosis,mild aortic regurgitation,LV concentric hypertrophy,EF-65%,moderate pulmonary hypertention,mild MR,moderate TR, small pericardial and large pleural effusion. Restrictive diastolic dysfunction.

Nickname:  kats

Nickname:  Ravi
Interpretation:   severe aortic stenosis with pericardial effussion and plural effusion. LA dilatation.Mild MR,AR and TR. coronary sinus dilated.

Nickname:  sonostar
Interpretation:  PE and Aortic Stenosis

Nickname:  rahman
Interpretation:  restricted cardiomyopathy

Nickname:  scannindude
Interpretation:  Looks like severe AS with LVH and pericardial effusion. Also, pleural effusion is possible.

Nickname:  adnan
Interpretation:  EF 57 MR TRACE TO G1 NORMAL PG AV TRACE TR PAP 40

Nickname:  nadejda

Nickname:  Amy
Interpretation:  Pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, MR, TR, AI, AS, Biatrial enlargement

Nickname:  tbright
Interpretation:  pleural effusion, pericardial effusion,severe TR, possible sinus of valsalva anuerysm.

Nickname:  laurend
Interpretation:  Dilated LA, AS, Pericardial effusion, Pleural Effusion, concentric LVH, Mild MR, Mild TR, Dilated RA, Moderate - Severe Pulmonary Hypertention, heavily calcified Ao, PI, PS,Mild AI, Grade III Diastolic Dysfunction, Severe As, thickened MV

Nickname:  Singleton
Interpretation:  Very sad heart. Sev aortic sclerosis w/ stenosis. MS/MR, TR, PI, LVH, bi-atrial enlargement. Plus an effusion.

Nickname:  rconnolly
Interpretation:  pericardial effusion and a pleural effusion. LAE.LVH. MR.AS.AR. TR. Calcified AO leaflets.

Nickname:  D Perez
Interpretation:  Hypertrophy, pleural and pericardial effusion, calcified aortic valve, mitral regurg, dilated left atrium, severe tricuspid regurg, pulmonary insufficiency, aortic insufficiency, dilated right atrium, color flow on aortic valve might suggest a coronary artery rupture.

Nickname:  Talent
Interpretation:  This patient has regurgitation on all cardiac valves, a left pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, AS (according to A5C valve area 0.57cm sq is severe AS), biatrial dilitation, LVH, MAC, 65% EF by 2D measurments.

Nickname:  KRedd
Interpretation:  pericardial effusion, AS, TR

Nickname:  eCarroll
Interpretation:  LVH, LAE, pericardial effusion, RAE, regurgitation on all four cardiac valves, Aortic Stenosis due to calcification.

Nickname:  SRobinson
Interpretation:  Pericardial effusion, LVH, regurgitation on all valves, AS.

Nickname:  JWhittemore
Interpretation:  Mild PS, AI, TR, concentric LVH, Severe AS, LAE.

Nickname:  ldunbar
Interpretation:  LVH, pericardial effusion, mild MR, moderate to severe pulmonary HTN, mild TR, possible supracristal VSD, PS, PI, dilated left and right atria,diastolic dysfunction, AI, Severe AS, pleural effusion

Nickname:  rock
Interpretation:  pleural and pericardial effusions, PI, TR,MR,AI, and LVH

Nickname:  SKelley
Interpretation:  TR, PS, PI, RAE, LAE, Restrictive Diastolic dysfunction, AS, pulmonary hypertension, LVH, MS, plural and pericardial effusion, Good EF%

Nickname:  maxb1953
Interpretation:  typical features of cardiac amyloidosis with severe aortic stenosis and concentric LVH; biatrial enlargement; Pericardial and pleural effusion; diastolic disfunction with restrictive pattern; mild aortic and mitral regurgitation; moderate tricuspid and mild pulmonary regurgitation with elevated pulmonary pressure

Nickname:  Rem
Interpretation:   CONCENTRIC LVH with normal Ef, Severe AS,Mild AI, Trivial pi, slightly increased Pv velocity and gradient, Mild MR , Moderate TR with moderate to severe RVSP, mild pericardial effusion anteriorly and posteriorly, pleural Effusion, MAC, Biatrial enlargement with IAS aneurysm. No Evidence of Tamponade.

Nickname:  Cava2007
Interpretation:  pericardial and pleura effusion,Mitral stenoz ,aortal stenoz

Nickname:  vardges choloyan
Interpretation:  severe AS, MR, TR,AR , pleural and pericardial effusions

Nickname:  Al
Interpretation:  Artic stenosis, pericardial and pleural effusion

Nickname:  LisaBEire
Interpretation:  Severe LVH, severe AS, dilated LA, moderate pericardial effusion

Nickname:  D
Interpretation:  Critical AS with valve area less than .7 cm2. LVH, pericardial and pleural effusions. MR, TR, AI and PI. PHTN. Normal EF. MAC and MV calcification

Nickname:  SANDY C
Interpretation:  Moderate Pleural Effusion, Mild Pericardial Effusion, Trace MR, Grade 2 DD, Trace AR, Severe AS, Mod TR, Mod elevated RVSP, Mild PHTN, LVH, preserved systolic function

Nickname:  Naira
Interpretation:  There are severe aortic stenosis and mild regurgitation, severe LV concentric hyperthrophy with normal systolic function, mild MR, IAS aneurizm without shunt,moderate Pulmonary hypertension, small pericardial effusion without tamponade, and large pleural effusion, biatrial enlargement

Nickname:  Doublecrossa
Interpretation:  Mild concentric LVH with Normal LVF, mild to moderate MAC, thickened MV/chords with mild MR,mild MS normal TV with mild TR, PV not well visualized with mild PI, calcified Ao Valve with severe Aortic Stenoses, mild AI(central jet), severe dilated LA, moderate dilated RA, RVH with normal RV function, moderate PHT,diastolic function indeterminate due to AFib/AFlutter, small circumferential Pericardial Effusion, moderate Plural Effusion.Dilated Ascending Ao



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