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Review the video and send in your interpretation stating why. Your responses will be automatically added to the blog. Thank you for participating.

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Nickname:  Shugabear
Interpretation:  This is a PFO. The four chamber view shows some interatrial flow but it is more apparent in the subcostal view.

Nickname:  bahar
Interpretation:  normal lv size and function EF:70% NORMAL RV size and function biatrial enlargmen moderate MR SEVERE TR(PAP60) small PFO NO PE

Nickname:  Echo fun
Interpretation:  Running AF/ A flutter with small PFO. Moderately severe TR and moderate MR.

Nickname:  tong
Interpretation:  PFO with left to right shunt. Moderate TR,mild to mod MR, mod pth

Nickname:  tong
Interpretation:  pfo with l to r shunt

Nickname:  echo Guru
Interpretation:  AF, severely enlarged atria, significant MR (MAC), Severe TR, moderate PHT, ASD, What is the shunt quotient (Qp/Qs)?

Nickname:  Echomap
Interpretation:  A fib,Normal systolic function. Proximal septal thickening. Severe biatrial enlargement.Thickened TV/MV. Moderate MR Severe TR with sever pulm HTN. ASD, L to R shunt. Small circumferential pericardial effusion.



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