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Contributed by Tiffany Montcrieff, RVT, RDCS, RVS, RCS

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Nickname:  PG
Interpretation:  Flail Mitral anterior leaflet, With sever MR, TVP with TR

Nickname:  Nilesh
Interpretation:  Myxomatous MV with prolapse of the AMl and e/o MR, the jet being directed postero-laterally.

Nickname:  Karen
Interpretation:  Perforated mitral valve leaflet, MR, Tricuspid valve prolapse. Nice looking study!

Nickname:  jules
Interpretation:  Flail/myxomatous mitral valve; MR-moderate w/ posterior-directing jet; mild TR

Nickname:  alpalp
Interpretation:  AML prolapse with severe MR, eccentric jet,directed posterolaterally,TVP with MILD TR,No PAH.Normal LVEF 60%.Mild PR. patient in NSR.

Interpretation:  perforated posterior mitral valve leaflet with severe MR, tricuspid valve prolapse with severe TR, moderate PR biventricular hypertrophy biatrial enlargement with increased normal left atrial volume index

Nickname:  Job
Interpretation:  mv



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