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Review the video and send in your interpretation stating why. Your responses will be automatically added to the blog. Thank you for participating.

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Nickname:  RumTumTugger
Interpretation:  It looks like a PFO due to the motion of the IAS

Nickname:  Iman
Interpretation:  Interatrial aneurysm and small secundum ASD with L-R shunt

Nickname:  Eugene RDCS
Interpretation:  aortic mitral tricuspid and Pulmonic Are normal. Overall preserved left ventricular systolic function. Preserve right ventricular function. Aneurysmal septum with a PFO. Prominent eustachian valve.

Interpretation:  interatrial septal aneursmal with a small asd,less likely PFO.

Nickname:  Babby
Interpretation:  Bidirectional PFO

Nickname:  Dorie
Interpretation:  IAS with PFO

Nickname:  tim
Interpretation:  apex akinezia .atrial septal defect primo.LtoRshunt



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