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Review the video and send in your interpretation stating why. Your responses will be automatically added to the blog. Thank you for participating.

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Nickname:  joebob
Interpretation:  Severe aortic stenosis

Nickname:  srp
Interpretation:  Rhythm=regular, LVH mild, Severe left atrial enlargement, no pericardial effusioin. Severe mitral annular calcification (post>ant), Aortic valve sclerosis. Moderate MR, Mild AR, Moderate TR, trivial PR. Mild Mitral stenosis, Severe AS. Severe pulmonary hypertension. Elevated Rt. atrial pressure (non collapsable IVC)

Nickname:  Cathy
Interpretation:  with simpson's LV was 54% which mild hypokinesis, EF over 55% is normal. mod-severe AS, mild AR and PR, mild - mod MR, MAC(mitral annular calcification), severe PHTN(pulmonary hypertension), mild MS

Nickname:  pb
Interpretation:  LVH, basal inferior and basal septal hypokinesis, Visual EF 45-50%. Severe CMA, mild Mitral stenosis. Severe aortic stenosis. Mod-severe TR. Moderate MR. Mild PR. Severe pulmonary hypertension.

Nickname:  mahesh
Interpretation:  calcific moderate aortic stenosis calcific severe mitral regurgitation severe TR & PAH

Nickname:  bean
Interpretation:  severe AS AVA=.7cm2,trace Ai,Mod LA enlargement,mod MAC,Mild-mod MR,LVH,Mod TI RSVP=61mmHg,mod-severe PHTN,IVC does not collapse,Mild PI,? apical hypertrophy

Nickname:  EGF
Interpretation:  moderate rg-severe stenosis aortic-cai-hap severe EF ok

Nickname:  "Flo"
Interpretation:  Nl sz LV w/ mild LVH, Aortic stenosis (moderate-to-severe) with ass mild AI, Mild-to-moderate left atrial enlargement, Mild right vent enlgmt, Moderate RA enlargement, Moderate-to-severe MAC, Mild MS w/ mod MR, Mild PI, Mld scl TV w/ Mod-to-severe TR w/ ass pulm htn; IVC plethoric, Prob rheumatic involvement

Nickname:  Raj
Interpretation:  Normal systolic fx, Concentric LVH, Severe calcified AS, moderate MS. Dilated Atria, Severe TR and Pulm HTN. MAC, Mild MR. Stiff IVC (elevated RA pressure)

Nickname:  Zorza
Interpretation:  EF 55-60%, mild CLVH, Severe aortic valve calc c AVA 0.94-0.8,<1=Severe AS Mild AI, calc on MV severely calcf PMVL,(immobile valve) c mild MVS,(MVA 2,23CM2) mild-mod MR LAD mild Severe TR c severe PHTN RVSP of 81mmHg mild PI Mod -sev RAD IVC pletora

Nickname:  Ronald
Interpretation:  Moderate to severe aortic stenosis with LVH and mitral valve calcification



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