Announcing "Echo-Web Unlimited"!

We realize that you might need just need 30, 24, or just a few credits. We are working on just the right amount you need.

So, we have developed "Echo-Web Unlimited" where your subscription includes all new courses as they are approved and automaticly added to your account at no additional charge!

This option is perfect for you to collect CME credits that will tie you over for your triennial period.

With "Echo-Web Unlimited", you receive:

  • Our current 31 CME courses
  • New courses added to your account at no charge
  • Exclusive Cardiac Modules for you to interact with and expand your understanding of the heart
  • Our "Unlimited Newsletter" with news, subscription promotions and extentions, special offers, discounts, and free stuff!

If you are a current cardiovascular subscription holder, you will be converted to the Unlimited plan. You don't need to do anything.

If you need just 30 credits and no more, you can choose Echo-Web Standard, our streamlined package just for you.

Just need a few credits? Opt for our Individual Ordering options and just choose the ones that you need.

There will be more news of "Echo-Web Unlimited" coming soon!

Thank you for your support of Echo-Web over the years! We are looking forward to a bigger, brighter year!

The Echo-Web Staff

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